This is a milder custom ROM, with the ability to customize ringtones, but limited access to themes. However, Oxygen is similar to stock ROM, and it gives you access to a lot of Google apps. One of the unique aspects of this ROM is that it lets you customize almost every aspect of its interface.

Thus they kept the project going and simply changed the name to Lineage OS. Well, that is because most phones support unlocking a bootloader, but only Google Pixels support locking the bootloader again. This is a consideration when developing an Android-based ROM for privacy and security-focused crowd. If the bootloader is unlocked, it is an attack vector you haven’t patched yet.

  • Keep a cool head, don’t look for easy money, commit to studying trading and always have a trading plan.
  • Paranoid Android has been around for several years and is one of the most popular custom ROMs available.
  • A modified ROM keeps your Android smartphone active and updated.
  • Since it takes a lot of code from the original code, installing the AOSP code will still give a very smooth experience.
  • We would give our best to keep the links up to date for the latest ROM and boot images.

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