Whether you’re a victim or not, it’s good to know your rights. If you’re a borrower, you can file a formal complaint against a lender or collecting agent who is harassing or threatening you.

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The National Privacy Commission recently issued a circular prohibiting online lenders from harvesting personal information, including phone and social media contact lists, for harassment of delinquent borrowers. If you’re a borrower and you’ve been harassed by a loan app, it’s important to follow the SLAP formula: Stay calm, Learn, Arrange, and Pursue.

2. Phone calls

You’re at work on your lunch break and you get a call from a pre-recorded voice telling you to pay a past due bill or something similar. Suddenly, you are receiving calls at all hours of the day.

This is what’s called “robocalls.” There are laws in place to protect consumers from robocalls and debt collector phone harassment. They are based on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and govern residential phones, cell phones, text messages and faxes.

If you receive a phone call that is in violation of the TCPA, you have a right to ask for a copy of the records. You may also send the company a letter to revoke your consent to receive calls. If they ignore your request, you can file a lawsuit against them for violating these TCPA phone harassment laws. You will need to show that you were contacted by a debt collector and they did not have your consent.

3. Text messages

The use of text messages can be a good way to communicate with friends and family members, but it is also a convenient method for loanranger.ph harassers to send unwanted texts. Harassers can use texting services that allow them to send hundreds of messages to a person’s phone in one day, or they can use spoofing technologies to hide their identity and make it look like they are sending texts from someone else.

Text harassment can be a form of bullying that can cause significant distress and affect your life. It can be a serious issue for teenagers because it disrupts their schoolwork and can be very embarrassing to deal with. It can also be a threat to your health, especially if you have mental health issues or have a condition that causes you to have high levels of stress.

If you have been receiving harassing text messages, it is important to take screenshots and photographs of the texts that you receive. This can be a valuable piece of evidence that you can use in court, and it will help law enforcement officials to track down the harasser.

You should also make sure that you have backups of the photos and screenshots that you take, so you can keep them safe in case your phone is lost or destroyed in a fire or other emergency. This will help you to be able to provide the police with copies of all of your messages.

Once you have documentation of all of the harassing texts that you have received, it is important to contact the police. This will help to alert them to the harassment that you are experiencing and will serve as a basis for them to bring the harasser into court for a violation of a restraining order.

If you have been experiencing loanmoto harassment through text messages, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney about the situation. An experienced lawyer can help you get the justice that you deserve.

4. Social media posts

One of the most common types of loanmoto harassment is a social media stalking incident. It can be especially tricky for businesses that rely on social media to communicate with clients, employees and even potential customers. A savvy business will take proactive steps to ensure their social media presence is a safe and welcoming space. If the situation escalates, the best course of action is to call the police and report the matter. Getting a formal restraining order can make all the difference in ensuring your personal safety. Despite the aforementioned legal measures, there is no telling when or how the harasser will strike again. Keeping a good record of what they’ve posted on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts is an essential precaution.