Essential Scandinavia — Denmark, Norway & Sweden

Visit three, gorgeous Scandinavian capitals—Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo–with side trips to Bergen and the Fjords. Start in Denmark’s Copenhagen before cruising overnight to Norway’s capital, Oslo. Visit the charming city of Bergen before flying to Sweden’s watery capital, Stockholm.

10 days, from $5,895. Limited to 16 guests.

Definitive Italy

Rome, Florence, and Venice are three of the great cities of Italy, and we bring you their art, architecture, cuisine, and history on this leisurely, small-group tour the includes a day–and lunch at a noted winery–in the unspoiled countryside of Tuscany.

8 days, from $4,995. Limited to 16 guests.

Fascinating Northern Lights Tour

Start your journey in Finland at Santa’s Village and crisscross the breathtaking scenery of Scandinavia to the Lofoten Islands, enjoying numerous Northern Lights safaris along the way before ending your journey in Tromso, Norway. 

9 days, from $5,995. Limited to 16 guests.

Ultimate Christmas Markets

Visit the most famous European Christmas markets where a swirl of excitement attracts visitors every year. Start in the magical city of Vienna followed by a stop in Mozart’s hometown of Salzburg before Munich, and the world’s largest Christmas market. End in Zurich, Switzerland and see the famous Swarovski Christmas tree.

7 days, from $3,895. Limited to 16 guests.

Essential Italy, Switzerland, France

A journey starting in charming Venice, on to Lake Como, then through the mountains of Switzerland, on to Burgundy wine country, and ending with a grand finale in the city of lights, Paris.

11 days, from $5,995. Limited to 16 guests.

Best Of The Baltics

The Baltic region typically includes three counties: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, and they’ve long been under appreciated by many travelers. It’s time to change that and discover these capital cities, each a jewel in its own right.  Visit Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania; Riga, the capital of Latvia, and Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

9 days, from $5,495. Limited to 16 guests.

Enchanted Ireland

It’s no mystery why Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle.”  The country is famed for its lush topography, a proud literary history (think: Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett), and castles galore The people of Ireland consider anyone who enters a pub an instant friend and a potential audience for a few tall stories and what the Irish call “craic,” which roughly translated means “a great time.”  Which is what you’ll have on this tour.  

8 days, from $4,995. Limited to 16 guests.